Is Do It Yourself Water Damage Restoration Right For You

 Can You Do It Yourself?

So you had a home or water damage restoration experience, and you want to restore it yourself right? If it’s a minor situation, you may save some of the money by doing it yourself and dodge the high risk of your insurance policy rates going Up or lessen the chance of a policy cancellation altogether. You need to have a few necessary abilities before tackling this job yourself.

Broken Pipe

Let’s Look Into Those Abilities

  • Be in Good physical condition (Lifting Furniture, Heavy Wet Carpet Pad/Carpet)
  • Being a good handyman or having a friend or relative to help you with remodeling skills.
  • Dry, Warm Weather, for 3 days minimum, the less humid in the outside climate, the better!
  • $100.00 minimum to Rent Air Movers or Air Blowers at your local rental yard (not always available).

How To Talk To Insurance Adjusters

(Insurer’s record incoming calls, Not a scare tactic)! Use the term FLOOD and not Water Damage and you’re on your way to a most likely denial of reimbursement costs for water damages. What you say can be held against you for possible claim denial! Your homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage from a flood.

Get Professional Help

If you have severe water damage, you are going to need professional help. Otherwise, you might end up costing yourself a lot more money in the long run. Failing to remove all the water and moisture completely is setting up an ideal situation for mold growth. This will require professional technicians to complete the drying and the mold remediation of the mold that has taken hold. As mention before, using the wrong terminology talking to an insurance adjuster can cost you. It’s better to allow the professional water damage restoration contractor to record all the damage and do the talking with the adjuster.