A Houston Weather Disaster Is Just That…A Disaster

Disaster Recovery

Whether residential or commercial, disaster recovery is never easy. While residential emergency service is an exacting process, at Texas Metal Roof Contractors we know that commercial disaster recovery carries with it an entirely different set of challenges. As commercial roofing contractors Houston we understand the ins and outs of all types of businesses. We have to. If we only knew how to handle a disaster at an office building, we wouldn’t be much good helping a school that just lost its roof. We specialize in being able to handle any commercial disaster recovery, from the local video store to the largest hospital in Houston.

Experience Covers It All

Our years of experience in Houston give us an edge when it comes to Houston commercial metal roofing repair situations. We understand the need for confidential, discreet handling of documents like health records; we know that a manufacturing plant needs to have their machinery re-certified before it can resume production; and we know the best way to handle a mold contamination in a five star restaurant.

Motorists are stranded along I-45 along North Main in Houston after storms flooded the area, Tuesday, May 26, 2015. Overnight heavy rains caused flooding closing some portions of major highways in the Houston area. (Cody Duty/Houston Chronicle via AP)

Quick Response

Disaster doesn’t have a clock. It usually comes when we least expect it. That’s why we are available 24/7. With just one phone call we’ll throw our entire force into the recovery. Our roofing contractors and fire and water damage technicians will get your premises stable, assess your situation and immediately begin the process of restoration. We know how important it is to recover quickly so you can commence operations.

It Helps To Have A Plan

While it’s not pleasant to consider the effects of a fire, flood or other disaster, it’s important to have a plan in case one strikes. Otherwise, the lack of a proper plan could compound the disaster itself. Don’t let that happen to you. Call us at Texas Metal Roof Contractors. We’ll help you create a contingency plan that fits your needs and budget. When and if disaster strikes your business you know what steps need to be taken in what order, you’ll know who to call and what to expect during the process of recovery.

Is Do It Yourself Water Damage Restoration Right For You

 Can You Do It Yourself?

So you had a home or water damage restoration experience, and you want to restore it yourself right? If it’s a minor situation, you may save some of the money by doing it yourself and dodge the high risk of your insurance policy rates going Up or lessen the chance of a policy cancellation altogether. You need to have a few necessary abilities before tackling this job yourself.

Broken Pipe

Let’s Look Into Those Abilities

  • Be in Good physical condition (Lifting Furniture, Heavy Wet Carpet Pad/Carpet)
  • Being a good handyman or having a friend or relative to help you with remodeling skills.
  • Dry, Warm Weather, for 3 days minimum, the less humid in the outside climate, the better!
  • $100.00 minimum to Rent Air Movers or Air Blowers at your local rental yard (not always available).

How To Talk To Insurance Adjusters

(Insurer’s record incoming calls, Not a scare tactic)! Use the term FLOOD and not Water Damage and you’re on your way to a most likely denial of reimbursement costs for water damages. What you say can be held against you for possible claim denial! Your homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage from a flood.

Get Professional Help

If you have severe water damage, you are going to need professional help. Otherwise, you might end up costing yourself a lot more money in the long run. Failing to remove all the water and moisture completely is setting up an ideal situation for mold growth. This will require professional technicians to complete the drying and the mold remediation of the mold that has taken hold. As mention before, using the wrong terminology talking to an insurance adjuster can cost you. It’s better to allow the professional water damage restoration contractor to record all the damage and do the talking with the adjuster.